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 Renaissance Academy A School of Multi-Media Arts

The Renaissance Academy is a public charter school dedicated to excellence in the multimedia arts.

Our New! Video Production Program

This program has a experiential lesson plan, and mapping based on the common core standards and extended to include extensive opportunities for artistic expression and active community engagement.

Camera Operation

Students are introduced to the interface of professional cameras, and learn the basic functionalities 

Audio Operation

students learn various types of microphone types, proper audio levels for television and the importance of audio in film.

Film Lighting

Students learn the basics of film lighting, 3-Point lighting and proper lighting setup and lighting techniques.


This lesson covers proper scriptwriting terminology and writing scripts in scriptwriting software 


This lesson plan focuses on teaching students what storyboarding is and how to properly storyboard written scripts.


This lesson focuses on teaching students the introductory skills in editing video on professional software

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