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Health & Wellness Policy

A School of Multi-Media Arts

The Renaissance Academy Health and Wellness Policy was developed and implemented to provide the Renaissance Academy School District with the health services necessary to create a healthy learning and working environment. Whereas education is the primary mission of schools, there is substantial evidence that shows addressing children’s health and mental health needs increases their academic achievement and competence; decreases incidences of problem behaviors; improve their relationships with others and creates positive changes in school and classroom environments (Elias, 2006; Greenberg et. al., 2004; President’s New Freedom Commission, 2003). Given these benefits, utilizing mental health services in schools can be crucial to ensuring students’ overall success.

The School Health and Wellness Program promotes overall health and well-being by providing the following services:

  1. Counseling – Individual counseling can be utilized to promote positive social and emotional development. Regularly scheduled short-term counseling for students, families, and school personnel is provided by the school (Dean of Students, Principal and outside sources i.e. IMPACT, Columbus Urban League. Depending on scheduling, sessions can last 20-50 minutes and can occur during or after school hours.
  2. Student Support/Counseling Groups– Renaissance has developed a school-wide “Buddy” system where staff can partner with students as to develop and implement student support. These partnerships consist of 1-3 students who may need help with academic, social or behavioral problems they want to address (grief, divorce, bullying, diversity, deployment, friendship/social skills).
  3. Parent Night– Offers to parents availability of services in and out of the school regarding a wide range of potential issues through consultation with staff. Parents can gain information, skills, and assistance in helping students’ personal, social, behavioral, and academic development, as well as meet with teachers and staff members.
  4. Crisis Counseling and Consultation– Rama’s Community Liaison provides consultation to students, school staff, and parents regarding immediate health services, out-side family service programs and school development.
  5. Prevention Programs– The RAMA community Liaison collaborates with the school to provide structured evidence-based programs that focus on issues such as preventing suicide, substance use, understanding healthy dating relationships, recognizing and dealing with bullying/cyber-bullying, and stress management. Anti-Bullying Week conducting seminars and Police presentations to students.
  6. Referrals to Outside Resources – Appropriate referrals are provided to various community resources.
  7. Health Insurance – RAMA offers to pay a major portion of the Health, Dental and Vision services for its employees. This allows them to take advantage of available health care.
  8. Food Services –RAMA offers free breakfast and lunches for all students according to the National Nutrition Program from ODE. Student surveys are conducted by RAMA to ascertain information were improvements can be made.
  9. Gym Classes – Gym classes are part of the general course curriculum for students as well as participation in outside sports i.e.-Basketball, volleyball.
  10. Field Day – RAMA merges with another school for a day full of events, games. This event promotes the need for exercise and good sportsmanship.

*Additional services and programs will be introduced that are appropriate and available when necessary.

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